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Legal Translation Ajman Need to Know

There are foreigners as well as locals and Arabic being the local language of UAE while English is local language worldwide, does create language barriers. To bridge such barriers in communication amongst the locals and foreigners, there are many companies that provide services for legal translation services ajman.

Legal translation mainly just means to translate documents that are of legal nature. This can include any type of document, for example, patents, wills, proposals, contracts, certificates, court order, etc.

However, since any kind of legal document that is translated will be used in legal proceedings, later on, it is very important for the translator to maintain the format of the document. In order to do this, a legal translator should be aware of the characteristics of any legal translation that need to be followed.

Ajman being the fifth largest city of UAE, is economically very active. It comes off as no surprise that every year millions of people from all across the world come here for business-related reasons.

International legal system and legal system of UAE

Although some basic rules are followed by all countries worldwide, individually every state has its own legal system that might differ from other areas. A legal translator should be well aware of the legal system of the area. In this case, the legal translator should have knowledge of the legal system of the UAE and the international legal system.

This is important because when legal documents are being made, there is no understanding that they may be translated and still be applicable in another area. Legal translators should translate the document so that it is legally acceptable and make changes where ever needed by finding culture-bound substitutions without changing the meaning of the document after translation.


This is an extremely important aspect of legal translation. Here it means maintaining the same effect on the target audience by the translated legal document as it did before. A legal translator can make considerable changes in the legal document as not every word in one language has a substitute in the other language.

Professional translators read the legal document, understand it and make the appropriate changes when translating it from English to Arabic or vice versa. However, here they must always maintain the fidelity of the document, which is a very important characteristic of legal translation.


In Legal translation near Dubai Media City, interpretation is another basic characteristic. Here it means that once a legal document is translated, it should still be interpreted by the target audience with the same ease. It should not be ambiguous or too complicated. Rather it should be direct and easily understandable.

Importance of Legal Translation

Legal translation Ajman can be beneficial to a variety of people. For example, people who are planning to migrate to UAE from abroad for a better lifestyle or better opportunities will require legal translation services for several different documents likes visas, migration certificates, etc.

Then there are students who come to UAE from higher studies or locals of UAE who want to go abroad for a more cultural educational experience. They will have to translate legal documents like student visas, their certificates, etc.

Finally, we have young entrepreneurs. For people looking to start or expand their business in UAE, legal translation services are of most importance. There are numerous documents of legal importance such as proposals, new contracts, employment documents, patents, etcetera that will need to be translated.

It is also important to point out that in the case of business, legal translation plays a very vital role too. The type of legal translator hired and his potential play a big role in the success of the business so much that it can make or break a business.

Qualities of a good legal translator

The translation is more than just the act of changing the script of content from one language to another. It requires skill that comes with experience. Moreover, if the type of translation that is being done is legal translation, it becomes one of the most complex tasks.

It is very important to hire a legal translator who is excellent in his field. He should have a considerable amount of prior legal knowledge. He should have some experience of working in the legal industry. Have a full and clear understanding of the different types of cases that are common in this industry and the courtroom environment. Should be well aware of the legal rules, all the legislature and attorney requirements.

Another important quality of a good leader translator is his integrity. Any work related to legal documents is often very sensitive and personal and thus it is very important that a legal translator should always make the security of the privacy of his client his first priority.

Moreover, the translated documents should be accurate. It is important that they, once translated they deliver exactly the same message as they did before without losing any piece of valuable information in translation.

Lastly, another feature that separates an excellent legal translator from an ordinary one is experience. Make sure that your Legal translation Dubai Palm Islands for Legal translation Ajman has several years of legal experience before you hire them. This will ensure that you are working with a legally as well as linguistically knowledgeable person and help you avoid problems that come with inexperienced people, such as the inability to handle pressure, stress or deadlines.

Characteristics that need to be considered for Legal Translation Ajman

The nature of the legal document and its discourse

Every legal document has a specific discourse. The type of text of any legal document can be categorized as descriptive, prescriptive or hybrid, in which case the text will be both prescriptive as well as descriptive.

 A legal translator should be well aware of the nature of the type of Legal document he is translating. The target of the document and its legal effect must remain unchanged at the end of translation.


There are several aspects of legal translation as well as the legal translator that you must consider before hiring translators for legal translation Ajman.


Role of Translation in JLT Near Me in Eliminating Language Problems

In today’s world, even the smallest business can potentially serve the clients globally; that is why, there is a dire need of communication across languages and cultures. However, translation plays an important role, especially when it comes to establishing business relations in order to deliver ideas and spread them worldwide.


Nowadays, the implication of translation is great as it connects you with the world which is vastly multifaceted. It is a route for worldwide interaction when it comes to making an achievement in any field – whether it is in business, studies or literature.

Therefore, having a team that can provide you with excellent translation services is essential in this era, as they will save a huge number of problems because of ineffective communication. When you look for translation in JLT near me, you will see certified companies that offer translation services for their customers. So, you won’t have to waste your time in finding the right one.

What Is The Importance Of Legal Translation Company In JLT?

In the connected world of today, it is unavoidable for businesses to come into contact with customers for varied cultures who speak different languages. There are some barriers that can create difficulties in establishing strong relations with customers; language barrier is the most common one and creates problems in effective communication. The communication process becomes complicated when the business is unable to communicate adequately with its target market.

A business is not just about selling your offerings, it is also about building relationships with your customers so that they spread the word of mouth. You can only do so when you deliver your message in a language that they can understand. In this way, they can understand the ideas and cultures of each other, especially for those who want to build up their business internationally.

To bridge the communication gap between people of different countries, language translation is important. Despite the fact that English is the most spoken language worldwide, the importance of local regional languages still persists and for that translation is needed.

In addition to that, different art forms represent the culture of a country and get globally acknowledged like movies, music and literature. Proper translation of language according to the local language of people of that nation is extremely important. For instance, a movie becomes famous when it reaches the audience of the entire world and is presented to them in their language, and translation is only a mode which is essential for communication.

Hence, look for translation in JLT near me to ensure that your local context can reach a global audience.

Do You Want To Take Your Business To The Foreign Market?


Due to increased technological advancements and growing interest of people in expanding their business worldwide, physical distance is not a matter of concern to establish commercial, and political relations. If you are thinking of expanding your business in the global market, then opting for translation services is essential for you. It will bring the clients and companies together, and also build a better customer experience which is the best way to tap into the global market.

You don’t have to purchase any software or spend money for translation of language. All you need to do is to find legal translation Dubai Studio and watch us solve your language barrier while communicating with your customers if you deal with overseas clients.

It is beneficial for you to get legal translation near Dubai internet City of all your marketing documents in the languages of your target audience as it promotes communication and improves your business platform to work on.

Significance of Translation In Media And Advertising

In media and advertising, translation plays a major role in promoting the products or news according to the respective language of people. However, without proper translation of a particular subject, the message cannot be delivered effectively.

For instance, any advertising material that is helpful in promoting your business or any campaign of your business, if it is encoded in a different language and not understandable by the global audience, then this can limit the success of your business in the global market.

It is a fact that the main objective of the media is to spread information to the world about anything. Therefore, it is the duty of media persons to obtain correct information and then transform it into the language that is comprehensive to people across the globe by opting for language translation services from a certified agency.

We understand the importance of translation in media and advertising, so we provide certified professional translation services for our customers. Communication is an effective medium to promote your message in the global market and you are free to let your ideas be introduced to the world.

If you opt for online free translation, you will surely get the message translated but it will not be effective. In order to appeal to your target market, you need near-native and natural translation that delivers the message within context and feels pleasing too.

Translation a Platform That Offers Opportunities


Translation is something that is indispensable; it offers employment opportunities for those who have profound knowledge of many languages. It is also imperative for those who want to learn the culture of other countries and explore their languages.

There are massive opportunities in the field of translation from the employment point of view such as in medical field medical interpreters and translators, localization translators, specialized business translators, conference interpreters and many more. Thus translators can play a vital role in the development of your business, regardless of what kind of products or services you offer.

In the nutshell, having assistance from a professional translation agency is the valuable source as it boosts the confidence of your business in multiple global countries. Professional translation is something through which every growing business can benefit.

Therefore, search for translation in JLT near me to get hold of certified language translation services. You can hire the services of an accredited native speaking translator to serve as an important medium of communication in rapidly-growing and emerging foreign markets.


Professional Legal Translation Services For Damac Hills

When a translation task does not require broad knowledge and expertise of a specific thematic area, it is referred to as a general translation. News, private letters, travel blogs and job applications, etc. – all make it into the general category when it comes to translations.


On the other hand, legal transaltion is the conversion of the language used in legal settings or in any document having a legal purpose into another language. Agreements (loan, non-disclosure, consulting, partnership, etc.), contracts (employment, tenancy etc.), notices or deeds, wills, or court documents – all are examples of legal documents. Legal translation in Damac Hills usually regulates legal relationships and the exchange of personal to corporate information among different parties.

Legal translation is a complex task, as it does not only require language skills but also necessitates that the translator has knowledge of laws, regulations, and cultures. It is important for an accurate and professional legal transaltion services that translated text fulfills all requirements from a legal point of view. Here we explore how legal translation is different from other types of translations.

Language Styles

Every legal document is different depending on its purpose. It may only be required to disseminate information, use in a court of law, perform notarial certification or be considered in an official exchange of trade or services. For accurate translations, correct use of style is a requisite as in the original text. 


Formulations are to be considered closely to bring precision in formulations and maintain the logical structure. Style can be slightly altered in general translations to keep authenticity; however, these have to be ensured in legal translations.

Variations of Legal Systems

In the multi-cultural setting of legal translation Dubai Marina, many nationalities are represented, making it a purely multi-lingual residential community. legal translation Damac Hills  brings another complexity since texts from different countries originate from their own legal systems. 

The original text might be fully appropriate for its source language, but in translations, it has to fulfill the rules established in the country of its target country. These might not fully comply with Arabic language requirements or vice-versa. 

Contrary to normal or general translations, a translator has to carefully reflect the contents from original to target language while ensuring the legal particularities. Particular emphasis for legal transaltion has to be given on terms and rules of the legal system of the target language so that the text fully maintains it structure and details.

Accuracy of Legal Translation in Damac Hills

Translation of local legislation acts (regulations, provisions, etc.), auxiliary documents (power of attorney, licenses, permits, etc.), or court documents (judgments, petitions, resolutions etc.) need great care during translations. Legal consequences can occur due to a small error or inaccuracy in translation. 

Only language expertise cannot complete the requirements for legal translation. Extensive work experience in a professional legal translation is needed along with particular qualifications in law or a related theme. Legal relationships are at stake in this type of translation, which for instance, may jeopardize a contract, transaction or registration if not properly translated. It becomes predominantly significant when it comes to texts which are to be represented or submitted in a court of law.

Terminologies and Compound Words

Legal systems in different parts of the world use set of terminologies. Most often, these are similar to each other. But sometimes phrases or cliché are used, which carry a specific legal meaning in one legal system, which does not have an exact word in the target language. 

Mostly the variety in areas of law, cultures and speaking habits are behind such phrases. A general translator with limited legal knowledge may oversee the importance of such phrases. Consequently, the translator will not be able to intelligently select a linguistic structure that accurately translates the source text into the target language. 

Likewise, for actions of entities represented in compound words in one language, exact words might not be available in another language. Only a professional legal translator will look beyond the literary meaning to precisely translate it while maintaining its essence.

Types within Legal Translations

Different methods and language structures are used for different kinds of legal translations. Legal translations are further divided into general legal transaltions for driving license (agreements), sworn translations (affidavits) and judicial translations (certificates). 

Skills, knowledge and experience define how quickly a translator picks the differences among the three types and gets the job done. It is important to note that only authorized translators can do sworn translations, as signature, seal or stamp is most often required in such translations. With the widespread availability of technology-based tools for translations, it is best to try understanding the differences before selecting a service or agency for translations.

Knowledge and Skills of Translator


Sometimes large volumes of texts are required to be translated urgently. In such cases, multiple hands are engaged in one translation task. This has a direct effect on the translated text, as everyone operates based on his or her understanding and skill set. In such cases, close coordination and harmony need to be managed so that terms and language styles are equally recognized by all translators involved. 

Similarly, time and again, clarifications or revisions are required by the audiance in transaltion, resulting in repeat work on the same document. If this is furnished by a different person than the one who originally worked, it will result in difficulties or slight demur. Again a clear sense of language structure has to be conveyed so that the essence stays the same.

Lastly, legal translation in Damac Hills is not a simple conversion of a source text from one language to another. A professional translation service or agency would be required to overcome the language barrier and legal system difficulties before the transfer of text into a new language. 

Divisions between secular and religious laws, clarity of legal content and terms and legal structure; all have to be fully known before starting a legal translation. Be it the print-versions of legal systems or software-assisted conversions, the expertise of subject matter is still required for a precise translation. It can be just a wrong choice of few words in the target language, which can raise mistrust on an entire piece of legal translation.


Given that legal translation holds many differences from other types of translations, after selection, the accuracy of work  mainly falls on the translation agency or service. The company should be able to have a complete grasp over the socio-cultural and legal context of the two languages. For audiences with different societal backgrounds, an accurate and professionally completed translation is critical for communication and information exchange.

Legal Document Translation Services in Dubai Near Me

Are your legal contracts, texts, and documents translated with the utmost care, professionalism, and expediency? Legal translation is critical for businesses, and numerous organizations need legal documents translating.

Yet, it is a very tricky task because even a minor mistake in the translation of content can result in potential lawsuits and legal exposure, which is a total wastage of time and money. Also, it puts the reputation of the company at risk.Al Syed Legal Translation is the leading provider of legal translation in JLT and has extensive knowledge in the legal industry.

We provide certified and authentic translation services that are accredited by the Ministry of justice UAE and from all official structures such as embassies and courts. Similarly, we keep up with the higher standards of the modern world and set our trends in accuracy and innovation within the translation industry.

What is the purpose of legal translation?


Legal translation is used within the legal system, and it is the fact that the legal concepts and languages differ from one country to another. However, the purpose of legal translation is to create the content that will be interpreted exactly in the same way in the target legal system by professionals, just like in the original legal system.

The objective of translation is not to remove linguistic and cultural differences but to accommodate them. The challenge is to convey the translation of the legal text into the legal system according to the required language.

Therefore, we completely understand the objective of legal translation and provide our clients with  error-free and high-quality translation on time regardless of the size and complexity of the documents. Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients.

The importance of legal language

All the legal processes revolve around the words, whether written or spoken. However, to convey your point clearly and in detail, it is crucial to ensure that you have no confusion over the terms of the contract, court case, or any of the legal documents you want to be translated. Since each document is packed up with so many legal terminologies, you should know that if it is translated according to the original text.

Hence,  the professional translator you choose must have the proper knowledge of all the legal terminologies as well as can understand the language of the law. Finding a linguist with a solid grasp of legal language and terminology is essential.

Our team of professionals is experienced, expert, and has vast knowledge about the legal language and we can deliver an accurate translation of any type of documentation. We provide you with the best legal translators who know exactly how to put across the key concept, arguments and the whole content in another language.

How legal translation JVC works?

In all translation, maintaining impeccably high quality and the standards is the mandatory requirement. However, when it comes to legal translation, superior quality is needed. So, our expert translators have a proper understanding of the legal system of the original text, and also have the knowledge about the jurisdiction legal system in which your content is translated.

We work to ensure that the meaning and the purpose of the document or contract is maintained when it is translated from one language into another. In addition to that, we encourage our team of professionals legal translation town square work efficiently by taking enough time that is needed to achieve the highest level of accuracy because the quality is our first priority. So, we work very hard to maintain all the essential factors in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

Services we offered to our valuable customers

We know how to stand out from the crowd as we provide fast, accurate, and  professional translation services to our clients. The services we provide for the legal translation of documents are as follows:

Translation of legal terminologies

Our extensive legal terminologies involve:

  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law
  • Insurance law
  • Criminal law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law

Translation of all kinds of legal documents include:

  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Registration Documents
  • Licenses
  • Legal ruling
  • Affidavits
  • Laws and regulations
  • Contracts
  • Legal statements and certificates
  • Depositions
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Confidentiality agreements

Translation of certificates:

  • Passports
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Partnership deeds
  • Sales contracts
  • Summons

Translation of business documents:

  • Profiles
  • Correspondence
  • Offers
  • Bids
  • Memorandums

An expert legal translation platform

In this modern world where technology is overtaking every domain, we use technology to ensure a speedy and efficient service without compromising on quality. Moreover, our legal translation platform offers you the ability to manage your project even when you are in progress with real-time communication with the translators. We update you with notifications sent directly to you.

Security is a key factor; so, the security of our platform is essential to us. All of your data and legal documents are stored securely by our trusted translators and only with your consent. Therefore, we are confident that our legal translation JVC services are the best for the translation of your legal documents.

Why do you need a dedicated legal translation platform?


Professional translation services are the services that you should consider when it comes to the translation of legal terminologies, and you need a translator who knows the industry inside and out. The impact of an inadequate translation can lead to serious consequences and may damage your reputation. So, our dedicated platform is uniquely placed to offer you many premium services. 

Our every translator is not only native in the language you need in order to translate your documents, but are also very proficient at writing and working in legal contexts with a deep understanding of the law.

So, if you are worried and you need to translate your legal documents on time, legal translation JVC saves your time, effort and headache. We provide accuracy, responsiveness, and management of large volume projects within the deadline. Just call our legal translator now and get your documents translated.

What Are The Factors of Mistakes To Consider During Translation?

Legal translation is a fragile matter. From business deals to lawsuits and crime, the process is sensitive, and there is no room for mistakes as negligence and carelessness can have catastrophic and destructive outcomes both for the legal translation company as well as the person or company involved in hiring it.


Keeping in mind the growing economy of the UAE and the versatile population of all cultures residing in Dubai and UAE, legal translations are something that is quite common and popular. While many people are looking into legal translation companies for various reasons, it is important to also learn about the common mistakes people make with legal translation.

So before taking such a big responsibility of handling something as sensitive as legal translation, both the party hiring and the company providing the legal translation services in Dubai should be well aware of the errors that are commonly made in this process. For that, we have made a list from which you can learn and benefit;

  • Only relying on a machine for Legal Translation

Though there is no harm in taking help from technology when we can. A professional legal translation service will always be aware that there are terms in law, better known as the legislature, which has no substitute that can be provided simply by a machine translator.

In fact, when legal documents are involved, machines can provide little help as the level of knowledge and accuracy required for this task can only be handled by a professional. Such a person should not only be knowledgeable about the language and the legal terms but also can understand and process without instructions. In other words, merely a machine cannot perform this task sufficiently well, but an expert human being would be more suitable.

  • Not choosing the right legal expertise

When it comes to translation, the law proves to be one of the most difficult professions to work in. A very high level of legal expertise, as well as an excellent linguistic command, is required for this niche. Therefore only the well experienced and highly professional legal translators can be trusted.

People often make the mistake of saving some money and hiring a less known and less experienced legal translation service. So make sure you make the right choice and hire a legal translator that is well known for its expertise in dealing with tasks such as labor law, corporate law, legal contracts, etcetera.

  • Making translation errors while dealing with legal contracts

With the constantly growing business in UAE and Dubai, the probability of making translation errors in business contractions is high and can cost a large amount of money. International brands come to the UAE every day to make contracts with customers, suppliers, investors, partners, etc.

In this scenario, one can easily imagine casualties and misinterpretation and hence result in substantial financial losses, which will surely be painful for any budding business to handle.

Therefore Legal Translation Dubai Beach Residece services should be well versed, experienced, and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with all such contracts to avoid any casual mistakes, which can result in very serious problems.

  • Mishandling terms and conditions

This is very important when dealing with legal translations for international business, something which is common in the UAE. Making a mistake in terms and conditions means your entire legal standing can easily be challenged by suppliers, investors or customers in court.

This will not only damage a business financially but will also blemish the professional reputation of the business. The purpose of terms and conditions is to mainly protect any organization when it faces some sort of professional dispute, so errors made in translation can leave the said organization unguarded from all sorts of accusations.

So make sure your terms and conditions are very accurately translated into the desired language without its meaning getting changed in order to avoid any inconvenience big or small in the future that may prove to be destructive for the business or organization.

  • Keeping legal translation as the last resort

For your own benefit, it is best to keep in touch with your legal translation service from the very start. Discuss your translation plans and translation projects in detail with your legal translator first, and don’t delay it to the last minute.

This will ensure that all of your business-based terminologies and plans are consistent with the future translated documents as well, and hence the chances to make legal errors will be minimal.

  • Hiring a lot of translation services

It is a famous quotation that a lot of people spoil the broth, and this applies here too. Hiring too many legal translation services for various legal documents means all your legal documents will not be in sync and will not follow a particular pattern, and this way your brand will not be properly recognized.

Hiring a single legal translation service means your translator will accumulate the words which are commonly used in your legal documents and make a glossary for them as dealing with legislatures can prove to be very difficult. This means minimal chances of errors as your translator will be aware of your information in advance and provide you with the best services.

  • Getting stuck in the literal meanings of the legislature


Anyone who has some knowledge of the law will be well aware that there is no such thing as literal meanings when it comes to the legislature. It’s all about a concept, so be warned and don’t fall down this trap.

First, invest and then trust your legal translator as he will not only have the linguistic expertise but will also have the legal knowledge of different terms as falling for literal meanings for legal translations is a red flag for an inexperienced legal translator.


To put it into simpler words, legal translation in UAE though it may seem like an easy job, can get tricky really fast as it has multiple areas where errors can easily be made. One must conduct comprehensive research before hiring a legal translator and should be aware of all the common mistakes that are made in this aspect.

How can I find the best document translation services near me?


Have you ever heard of the translation services? We are sure you must have heard about it. Translation services are the professional services that are provided to translate your content from one language to the other or even a number of other languages.

These services are provided both online as well as offline, depending on the nature of work you need to get done. Many people wonder what these translation services are and why one would even need them.

However, there are times when the same people end up finding legal translation near me and utilizing it at various points. From the translation of books to your marketing content, from audio dubbing for media content to translating your websites, these translation service providers cover a wide array of services.

So here, we are enlisting the reasons that highlight the importance of legal translation services and why you may also need them.

Why Is It Important To Find Legal Translation Near Me?

To Communicate and Connect Better with Audience

The translation is needed to make the audience feel well acquainted. Why do you think a product’s packaging has different languages written on it? These multiple languages are written to increase the spectrum of audiences.

We do not usually purchase aroduct if we cannot understand the language written on it. Therefore, businesses make it a point to include various languages for their various physical and digital products, for which they need professional translation languages.

To Increase Brand Visibility

Including various languages increases the reach of your brand. The more people understand the language written on your website or a product, the more it will be accessible for various audiences from the native speakers of that language. 

In the current era of globalization, where businesses are competing globally, the language barrier is one major factor that is needed to be overcome in order to stay competent across the globe.

Creates more Employment Opportunities

The translation is a service that has created employment opportunities for the people who have command over various languages. Whether you work as a freelance translator or associate yourself with a translation company, you can serve to translate the books, manuscripts, digital content, marketing content, or offer your services for audio dubbing, or even as a live translator. The opportunities are endless when you look for legal translation near me.

Improved Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing campaigns become all the more influential when they are in one’s native language. Do you watch or understand the advertisements on YouTube that are not in your native language? Of course not! However, if this advertisement was in your language, it might have triggered you to buy the offered product or service.

Therefore, marketers around the world now realize the significance of creating customized marketing content for various geographic segments, which requires them to hire professional translation services.

Core Areas To Utilize Services of Legal Translation Near Me



Healthcare is one industry that can benefit the most by overcoming the language barrier. Researches that are conducted throughout the world need to be translated into various languages so that more people can understand it and take benefit from it.

Furthermore, the doctors or hospitals in one country may come across patients from the other country (the visitors or the tourists). So, to be able to understand their problem for the proper diagnosis, the language barrier has to be overcome. This is the scenario where a live translator needs to be hired.


Who does not know about the distance learning programs and online degrees now? This happens to be another blessing of the information age and the internet that the geographic boundaries are no more there when it comes to education.

Everyone has access to the kind of knowledge, information, or the education they want. Thus, in reaching out to audiences from across the globe, the education industry does rely on translation services to ensure effective communication and learning.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and Tourism industry is probably the one industry that is capitalizing the most on legal translation in jit near me. The digital presence of the companies from this industry, their marketing content, and all their campaigns include the practice of translation.

They also have people proficient in different languages to cater to visitors from different countries speaking different languages. The tour guides assigned to these visitors are the ones who are familiar with the native language of those visitors.

Legal Documentation and Affairs

The laws, policies, jurisdiction, and all other legal kinds of content needs to be written in the native language of the target audience to ensure thorough understanding and implementation. Be it at an organizational level, in case of multinational organizations, at national or even an international level, legal affairs must be communicated in the same way throughout the target audience.

Banking and Finance

With the boundaries getting blurred and transactions crossing the borders, the banking and finance sector too needs translation. For the people who do not understand the English language, ATMs, money changers, physical banks, cheque books, and everything related to banking transactions is translated into one’s native language to ensure uniform understanding.

Information Technology

Information technology serves as the backbone of all these and other industries. The use of technology has been incorporated into all kinds of businesses. Organizations are now using the internet, websites, social media, databases, and other such IT tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Thus the IT sector engulfs the translation services from all four sides.

In a nutshell, the services provided by legal translation near me are making the lives easier. Global communities and the internet-driven era has now made it mandatory to overcome the language barriers and go across the borders to increase the reach.

When it comes to businesses and communication, or even travel and tourism, healthcare, and education, there are no boundaries, and there is no stopping them. There is only finding solutions, and translation services are one of these solutions.

How To Hire A Professional Translation Services Company


The proximity of China to the Arab world brings many businesses and associations between the Chinese and Arab. With business comes documentation and correspondence in both languages.  Many Chinese can speak Arabic, so do many Arabs speaking Chinese. But most of the time, when translating from one language to the other, some key messages are lost. 

Especially when the document is a business, legal or medical in nature it becomes very hard for an ordinary person to translate without damaging true the meaning of it. This is where you need to hire professionals and qualified Chinese to Arabic translators to do the job for you.

Most of the people still prefer to translate themselves by using Google translators and other online software. If you have a text that requires Chinese to Arabic interpreter, should you do it yourself or hire a professional?

What Are Your Options for Chinese to Arabic Translation?

First, let’s look at all the possible options you have.

  • Do it yourself
  • Get a language Translation software
  • Ask a friend who knows both languages to translate it for you.
  • Hire a professional

Do it Yourself

If you are very fluent in both Chinese to Arabic Translation, then your first instinct would be to do your translation yourself. While there is nothing wrong with translating yourself but doing translation is very tricky and deceptive. It is very easy to believe that you have done a good job, as your translation will only read a meaning you thought you had given it to you. But whoever you are sending the message to might be getting a different meaning. And in formal correspondence we know how dangerous that can be.

Do you still believe that you can translate yourself? Before you should opt to do Chinese to Arabic translation yourself, you must ensure these things:

  • You are very fluent in the two languages.
  •  You have been communicating in the two languages for a long time
  •  The natives of the two languages agree that you understand it perfectly.

But in a situation where you are not confident about your ability to translate Chinese to Arabic, then you must seek assistance from the certified translation Company.

You may start considering using professional software. But how reliable are they?

Is Getting a Language Translation Software a Good Decision?

There are many software in the market that promise to help you translate your text. But how reliable are they? Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software is using the memory of the information that had been stored to provide translation from one language to another. It is also able to check the accuracy of the use of the word as well as spellings and grammar. But it cannot translate words that had not been previously stored or programmed. Also, it is designed specifically to assist translators and not to be the translator itself.  This software can be used to understand the concept of a text written in a language you do not understand. But it is not accurate to be used for translating documents that are meant for official use.

Another way to get your translation done is asking a friend to do it for you.

Ask A Friend

There are many people in Dubai and China, and in many other countries that could speak both Chinese and Arabic fluently. If you know one, you can ask for a favor. Let your friend help you translate from Arabic to Chinese or the other way round. But the problem is, how will you be sure that he or she has done a good job?

The fact that you don’t understand simply means you cannot judge the accuracy of what is done. In that case, you have to rely on trust. 

If he or she is a friend that you have known for a long time, it might be easy to have trust. However, if the message you want to translate is crucial and error could be costly, then such trust may not be enough. You need to find professionals and qualified legal translation services that gives better assurance. Company like Al Syed Legal Translation Company that has been tested and trusted by many other customers.

Therefore, the option left is to hire a professional translator to do the job for you. How reliable are they, and why is it always a better option to hire a qualified Chinese to Arabic translation Company?

Hire a Professional Company


There are many professional translation Companies available in Dubai to do Chinese to Arabic translation for you. They all promise to do a good job at a considerable price. You need to find the best of these companies who provides you an excellent quality translation and at the same time keep your data confidential. 

Professional translators like Al Syed Legal Translation have been in the market for many years and they have translated hundreds of documents. Hence they know the job better than any other person.

 It is easy to track the records as there will be many reviews about them available on their websites. More so, you have a contract with them, and they are aware that it is a breach not to get the job according to prescribed standards and not to disclose your personal data. 

Can you imagine getting your legal documents translated by a friend or any software online? There is always a risk that your confidential data will be disclosed or hacked. With a contract in place and trusted professional Company you have confidence that your documents are in good hands.

It is therefore important to weigh the benefits against the cost. The importance of the accuracy of your translation will determine if you will be willing to pay for it. For business, academic or professional texts, it might worth it if you hire a professional to do the Chinese to Arabic translation for you. 


There are many options for translating from Chinese to Arabic. Among them is to do it yourself. Alternatively, you may hire someone to do it for you. A professional translator is a good option for you for so many reasons and benefits that you enjoy. It is very important for you to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision for your next translation copy.